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Recommended Tours in Kuwait


The city of Kuwait possesses a mysterious charm that comes from its unique blend of centuries old traditions and modern-day culture. On one side you have quaint old monuments and ancient houses, and on the other, a booming business of restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues. Although Kuwait does not have a lot to offer in the name of natural beauty given its desert climate and arid environment, it does have a very rich history which lives on by virtue of the numerous monuments and sites that are scattered around the city as well as on the outskirts. Unfortunately, the city does not have any official tour-operating agencies to speak of, but one must nevertheless take the initiative to organize visits to places of interest.


As a tourist, a visit to Safat, located on the outskirts of Kuwait, will definitely be a fulfilling one. This area has everything from historical landmarks and structures to modern day tourist attractions. The Kuwait Towers are great examples of architectural genius and form an unmistakable part of the city's skyline. While Bayt Al-Badr, a 19th century home of the Al-Badr family, is now used as an exhibition venue, Bayt Al-Sadu offers tourists an opportunity to learn more about the Bedouin culture and their handicraft-making techniques. The National Museum and the Science and Natural History Museum display precious relics that provide an insight into Kuwait's history and past events. The Al-Hashemi II, which is the world's largest wooden dhow boat, also makes for an interesting visit, and for an interesting nautical dining experience, try Al Boom, which is located on a traditional wooden sailing vessel.

Souk Al'Juma'a, the weekly Friday market is a great place to find souvenirs and local goods. It also gives you a chance to mingle with the locals, who come here in droves.

Attractions like the Shooting Ranges Complex, which not only offers shooting facilities but also internet access, billiards and a cafeteria, and the Al-Shaab Sea Club that hosts plenty of outdoor activities, are proof of Kuwaiti society's steps towards modernization. Last but not the least, the scenic Green Island pleases the senses with its tranquil atmosphere and sweeping views of the city and the sea.


This is another popular tourist destination where there's always plenty to watch and do. To start with, the Dhow Harbour with its last surviving wooden dhows from the days when pearl hunting was one of the largest occupations in Kuwait, never ceases to amaze tourists. Next in line, is the Kuwait Scientific Centre that comprises a number of attractions – IMAX 3D Cinema is one of the venues housed within it. A Gift Shop and Aquarium are also on the premises. The Fishing Piers located next to the Scientific Centre make for a nice promenade. Several local families can be seen on a fishing outing or just spending some leisure time here, especially on weekends. Top the day off with some delicious Middle Eastern fare at reasonable prices with a visit to Al Berdawny, a local favourite. Of course, another place without which a trip to Salmiyyah remains incomplete is the Bayt Lothan. A former residence of the 12th Amir of Kuwait, this place is a non-profit organisation that encourages art and creativity by way of exhibitions and workshops and is headed by the Amir's daughter.


The downtown area is known for its religious sights, namely mosques and churches. The Al Sayer Mosque was built back in 1919 and the structure and design is quintessentially Kuwaiti. Other religious buildings in the area include the Islam Presentation Committee Mosque and the Holy Family Cathedral. While the Islam Presentation Committee Mosque offers free courses in Islam and Arabic, the cathedral boasts two congregations – one English and the other Arabic. Other than these religious sites, the downtown area is home to one of the best fish markets in the city, namely the Sharq Fish Market. Known not only for its fresh top quality fish, but also for its scenic location, it looks onto the clear blue waters of the sea. Speaking of fresh fish, Al Nokhaza, located in the Crowne Plaza hotel, serves some of the best seafood in the city and is worth a visit.

City Centre

The main attraction at the city centre is undoubtedly the Liberation Tower, which is a symbol of the Kuwaiti Independence after the horrific Gulf War. Taller than the Eiffel Tower, this structure is actually one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the world. Another attraction that might not hold great historical importance but pleases the eyes and the soul is the Musical Fountain. Today, tourists can enjoy 220 fountains with lights changing to the sounds of music.

Outside the Kuwait City

Located just off the city's coast, Failaka Island draws huge crowds every single day of the week. An island with an interesting history, this place is of great interest to students of archaeology. Several remains of past civilisations and settlements can still be found on this island. Another place that holds special interest for children is the Zoological Park located in Omarryah, a few kilometres outside Kuwait City. This park is home to a large number of birds, animals and reptiles.

Other Attractions

Al-Qurain House located in the Qurain Housing area is a museum built to commemorate all those who lost their lives in the battle between the Kuwaitis and the Iraqis during the Gulf War. Another historic monument that played an important role back in 1920, when Al-Jahra was seized, is the Red Fort. The fort still sees a considerable number of visitors everyday. For in-depth analysis and information on Kuwait's earliest industries, visit the Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum that displays various documents and artefacts relating to the pearl industry of Kuwait. Another museum that harks back to Kuwait's rich past is the Tareq Rajab Museum, which has various books, jewellery, and other articles that belonged to the Rajab family. In addition to that, some great embroidery works and precious jewellery from around the world is on display here. The Oil Display Centre is another museum located on the outskirts of the city. One cannot miss out on this tourist venue that throws light on the most important business in Kuwait and highlights the work of the Kuwait Oil Company, which owns this display centre. The city also has a number of beaches such as Messilah Beach, Al-Oqueila Beach and the Sea-Front, which not only make for a fun day out, but are also great places to simply relax and unwind.





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